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Funeral Home Websites

Posted by adminadmin on April 11th, 2016


Death is big business, according to US Census Bureau —11 billion in revenues, an average funeral costing over $6,500.  The good news for funeral homes is that every single person alive today will need some type of services at the time of death.  The bad news is that more people are skipping the traditional memorial and opting for less expensive cremation.  The funeral business is in a state of change and what happens next will decide how funerals will continue in the future.  The Internet is now the leading source of information about their loved one upon passing. In response, funeral homes have increased their presence on the internet and funeral are now more personalized with special remembrances shared on social media, websites, and videos. Funeral homes can utilize the world wide web to help family and friends share the experience of losing a close family member or friend.  A memorial created online is more accessible and relevant to a world that is connect via cyber space. Visitation and memorial services usually happen shortly after death, it may be impossible for all family members and friends, especially those living far away, to attend services.  The opportunity for funeral homes to leverage the internet to help grieving family easily make final departure decisions.  Website can display the options for far away families, and if they decide to cremate funerals can become cyber homes for memories that can be maintained online forever.

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