Google Plus is Mandatory for Businesses

Posted by adminadmin on May 21st, 2016

Google Plus is mandatory for businesses, Facebook, twitter etc. are optional—-  reason Google identifies your businesses by secondary resources, online and gives you a business page—- as you develop that page and make posts they give you a position on the map in local listings.  These businesses show up under the maps.  Facebook, Twitter social medias can be created without any foundation.  I can create a Hillary Clinton Facebook and no one cares because its has not foundation.  Only Google Plus identifies you by making the business claim their page —google then sends a post card to a physical address with a code  letting only you have control of this unique page.  This is a long explanation to let you know without doing this you are not getting full traction on Google and Google controls 70-75% of  internet searches.  If your seo company does not ask you to give them manager authority of your google plus page they are neglecting a significant opportunity for Google placement.

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