Youtube phenomena grows daily with over 1 billion unique viewers each month

Posted by adminadmin on April 28th, 2016

You tube phenomena grows daily with over 1 billion unique viewers each month— Attorneys are cashing in on the new business with video ranking service by  Federal Web Services .
You tube has created stars like Justin Bieber, Peter Schiff, and Terra Naomi. And launched countless businesses. Why not the local attorney? Internet Specialist Kent Eskam from Home Town USA Attorney Videos, states. “Use of videos for attorneys is a cost effective way to introduce your specialty and personalize your message.” Web sites are one dimensional and don’t give the potential client a feel for who may handle their case. “It’s all about connecting with the client,” according to Eskam.
The numbers are staggering— according to Nielsen ratings Youtube reaches more adults between the ages of 16 to 36 than all the cable networks. Youtube is the second largest search engine— only Google receives more searches and Google owns Youtube. Mobile usage accounts for 60% of Youtubes watch time. Making You-tube a handy tool for finding someone quickly on your smart phone or tablet.

Video is a potent medium for marketing a business online. Web users have notoriously short attention spans, but video can be an effective way to catch and hold onto visitors. Additionally, videos posted to YouTube may be featured prominently in search engine results because of the Youtube Google connection.

“The opportunities are endless,” says Eskam, “very few attorneys use You tube—- and even fewer use You-tube effectively. A well-organized plan is inexpensive and brings phenomenal returns. You tube has existed a mere 7 years —-we have only scratched the surface!”

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